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What are the Best Overbed Tables for Seniors?

What are the best overbed tables? An overbed table is a table designed for hospital patients that you can adjust the height and tilt the top.

Overbed tables are used in hospitals for injured patients who cannot move around or the sick and bedridden patients. However, these are not the only uses of overbed tables. These tables can also be used by the elderly to place food, drinks, or even a book when reading.

Overbed tables provide a good posture when doing things because they are comfortable.  Get this fantastic table for your elderly parents. Trust me he/she will love you even more.

As our seniors age, their muscles and legs become weaker too. You can bet with me that moving around becomes hard for them, and they no longer enjoy walking. I am sure they would appreciate you so much for getting them an overbed table for the elderly.

Your old man/woman can use the overbed table when reading their favorite book, using their laptop to maybe look at some trends or even when taking that evening tea.


Types of Overbed Tables

There are many types of overbed tables. These tables differ by the material used to make it, the make of the table, and also the size. Prices of these tables may vary because of the material used to make.

We did some research and found some of these over bed tables

  1. Carex Overbed Table – Flat Rolling Bed Table with Adjustable Height – Over The Bed Table for Home Use
  2. Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed or Laptop Table with Tilting and Height Adjustable Casters
  3. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels

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Best Overbed Tables Buying Guide

Size of the table

Do not go for a table that you cannot place another thing after placing a cup of tea. A bigger overbed table would serve better than a small one.


You do not want to keep replacing your overbed table. rolex cellini prince replica Consider the material it is made of to make sure it will last long.


You do not want to buy an overbed you or your grandma cannot sit comfortably. If you or your loved one is tall, get them an overbed table that fits them. I would even suggest that you go for one that is adjustable

Space or size

This space could be drawers or storage tablets. When turning the overbed table from a study table to a dining table, you do not want to spill food on the books. So you need to make sure there is storage space.


If you need to get your senior an overboard for studying, you will need to consider one that has USB cables for charging your study devices, or one that has adjustable LED lighting.

Weight it can hold

You do not want to get an overbed table that will break down after placing your laptop on it. Although most of them cannot carry heavy things, let it not be so weak.


As I always say, if it is not comfortable to use, do not buy it. There is no need to invest your money in something you will not enjoy using. Let your grandma enjoy it as she ages.


Your overbed table should be easy to move. I would advise you to go for an overbed with wheels so that you will not have to lift it while transferring it. Also, when it has wheels, you can move it even when it has things on top.

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Best Overbed Tables for Seniors

Carex Overbed Table – Over The Bed Table For Home Use

Just like a hospital bed table, this one has wheels that slide under your bed. It has a height of 28 to 42 inches that can be adjusted to fit your desires. The table can serve as a breakfast in bed table or as a laptop table. It has a c shaped base that allows access while on a chair.

Carex and Hospital Overbed Tables for Elderly

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You can use this overbed table while on a couch, ordinary chair, or a wheelchair. The inside of the medical table base is 26 inches wide and 15 inches deep.

This table can hold a weight of 50lbs. It is built with durable material and rolls with the in-built castor wheels. Both left and right-handed people can use it.

This overbed can easily be adjusted upwards or downwards, just like a hospital bed. It also acts as an overbed desk for those working out of home


  • Holds up to 50lbs
  • Rolls smoothly with built-in caster wheels
  • Breakfast over the bed table


  • It is wobbly

Platinum health acrobat professional overbed

It has a split surface design that allows the main table to tilt as the small section remains fixed. Its height can be adjusted to fit. It has a two-way tilt surface that can accommodate any type of chair.

Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed Tables for the Elderly

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It can easily be transported and stored. It has a vertical table surface that can be adjusted.

Its wood is smooth to clean and beautiful. It has an integrated lip that prevents things from falling when tilted. The senior might forget that they had something on the table, so this is an ideal table for them

You can adjust its mast towards you or away from you to avoid bad postures and back pain. The overbed table with storage’s flexibility allows it to fold down the floor for secure and adequate storage.

This table can carry 26lbs. it can serve as a laptop table as well as a reading table


  • Can accommodate any type of chair
  • Accessible to transport and store
  • Flexibility allows it to fold for secure storage
  • Can hold a weight of 26lbs
  • Serve many purposes


  • Wheels are made from cheap material

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overboard

Itcan be raised or lowered to any height between 28inches to 40inches, therefore suitable for seniors of any height.

The adjustable bed table has a top finishing with walnut wood and with a T molded edge design—plate made of heavy gauge chrome? Yes. The H-shaped base is made of welded steel, providing durability and easy maneuverability.

Vaunn Medical Deluxe Adjustable  Overbed Tables for Seniors

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Doctors highly recommend this overbed. It supports a weight of up to 50lbs. Easily portable since it rolls easily between rooms.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Can hold the weight of 50lbs
  • Easily portable
  • sturdy
  • Durable
  • Locking wheels


  • No instructions on how to use

Why You Should Buy on Overbed Table

What are the Best Overbed Tables for Seniors

The overbed table is very flexible since you can move it from the bed to the sitting room or even outside. Sometimes the seniors get too tired to the point that they do not want to keep moving from the bed, or their comfort zones. This table can help them in ways like placing stationery if they are reading or even placing their laptops.

Did you just get injured? Or do you have a friend who is healing from surgery? You don’t have to keep moving around in pain. Just ask for a cup of coffee and enjoy it in your bed. It gets uncomfortable asian rolex replica walking around the room with a healing wound. If you have a loved one who is in such a situation, make them feel better by getting them a bedside table. Some of them come with drawers where you can keep stationery or anything they want to use.

Your mother can tell well how tiring pregnancy can be. This is so, especially during the last semester. Although pregnant women make so many trips to and from the washroom, let them rest for those thirty minutes or forty before they get the urge to go to the toilet again. Bring your woman breakfast, lunch, or supper at the bed. Being a mother is not easy, and she will not even rest after that child is born. Just show her that you care.

Enjoy your relaxing time. Are you planning to catch a movie to chase away boredom? Or even set some two hours aside to do your assignments or read? You will need this table. Get one that has drawers where you can keep your stationery, phone, or even a cup of coffee when watching a movie. Do not keep walking to get coffee from the kitchen. Make your coffee before your film starts and place it on the overbed next to you.

In case you are living in a small house, this overbed table can be of great use. Use it as a table to place your plate when you are eating. Place your laptop on the overbed when you want to do some fakes rolex work at home. You can also use this table to place your bedside lamp, and when morning comes, put the lamp under the bed and let the table serve the purposes it has been serving.