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What are the Best Exercise Bikes for the Elderly?

What are the best exercise bikes for seniors? Physical activity and exercise are good for our well-being, and we should make it part of us.

Exercising comes with a lot of health benefits, including improved mental and physical health, both of which are important to our bodies.

When people age, their body becomes weaker, immunity goes down, and they are even more prone to chronic diseases like brain loss. With regular exercise, the bones and muscles become more energetic, and the elderly will have more improved mental and physical health.

There are different kinds of exercises suitable for older adults. Although cycling is easy and very enjoyable, it might not be easy for seniors. The elders want to go for less strenuous exercises to protect themselves from muscle aches.

We carried out research and found out that exercise bikes give a better chance to the seniors to exercise even in their old age and to keep away from boredom.

These exercise bikes, stocked in the gym, are of many types, and with different features. However, having one at home for your elderly parents will be more convenient.

The best exercise bikes that we found suitable for seniors are;

  1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
  2. Exerpeutic 900XL
  3. Exerpeutic 300SR Heavy Duty

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Why You Should Buy

Exercise bikes are easy to use. It is as easy as riding a bike. The elderly do not need to get on such a complicated exercising tool because they tend to forget fast. You also do not want to keep teaching the same thing for a week.

Regular exercise has many health benefits on our bodies. Exercising will make you burn calories reducing the chances of getting cardiovascular problems. It also protects you from high blood pressure, 16233 rolex replica for sale and it even improves your mood. All these are benefits the elderly will get from exercising.

To chase away, boredom, look for something to do. Since the elderly have retired and spend most of their time home, buying them an exercising bike would be a good thing. At least they will have something to do to prevent boredom. Also, chasing boredom comes in hand with the health benefits of exercising.

Exercising helps to maintain muscle mass. When growing old, muscle mass tends to decrease while the bones become weak. To keep the required weight, you need to not only increase your calcium intake but also to exercise regularly.

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Want to improve your joint mobility, there is one secret to that; Exercising. This feature is ideal for the elderly since their tendons and ligaments tend to dry up, causing pain while walking. Exercising will prevent the development of joint disorders and hurry the strengthening of your ligaments.

Working out gives a sense of independence to the elderly; they will stay healthy and strong, and they will not need to move into homes of the elderly to be taken care of. It might not be easy for the seniors at the start, but once they get used to it, they will not want to miss a day without riding that bike.

When you buy this exercise bike for use at home, the elderly enjoy all the benefits of exercising at their comfort. They will be able to do their 30-minute daily work out conveniently, unlike if they were going to the gym to ride the bike. They will have to wake up early or get out before the gym closes.

An exercise bike is not strenuous, like other exercises like athletics. Anybody can use it regardless of their age. An exercising bike generates a minimum impact and is accessible on the joints, hence suitable for the elderly.

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Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors Buying Guide

It gets hard to decide on the best exercise bike for seniors to buy. wimbledon rolex replica for sale Although the market is flooding with many exercise bikes with many different features, there are essential things you need to consider before purchasing an exercise bike for the elderly.


Comfort is what determines if that senior will go back to that bike, especially if they are beginners. If it is not comfortable, it causes pain and discomfort. Its seat and the pedal straps determine the comfort of the exercising bike. Go for a bike whose seat is adjustable. Your legs should be bent on the pedal when it is at its lowest. A bike whose seat is adjustable will be able to accommodate anybody regardless of their height.


Weight is an important feature when buying an exercising bike for the elderly. You cannot get a bike that supports 100kgs when your senior weighs 130kgs.

Easy to get on and off

You know well that the elderly do not have balance. The frame of the exercise bike should be open enough for ease of getting on and off the bike without asking for help.

Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Make riding a more enjoyable exercise by spicing it up with music or any other kind of entertainment. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favorite music from your phone or listen to your favorite podcasts. This form of entertainment makes riding less strenuous and more enjoyable.

Workout programs

Bikes come with a variety of workout programs. Before buying, make sure you check to see if what you want is among what the board offers. You do not want to get an exercise bike that will sit at home because it cannot serve the purpose you wanted it to help.

The extras

Water bottle holders, inbuilt speakers, and media trays are some features that most people do not put into consideration. Exercise bikes with these features cannot compare to those that do not have.

Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors Reviews

Let us now jump straight to the available exercise bikes for seniors.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a bike that allows maximum mobility when training, go for this one, it has a step-through design with heavy-duty construction. The design allows maximum movement and dismounting that is created for the knees.

 Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

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It has an LCD computer screen that acts as an odometer. It also has a sharp panel display that shows time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. These numbers have a significant reading hence suitable for the seniors.

The seat is very comfortable since it is padded. The saddle furnish is ergonomically designed with high-density foam. The foam covered handles provide extra support to the back and arms. These are areas the elders complain of pains; therefore, this feature helps maintain proper form when exercising.

It has a counterbalanced peddles. These peddle offer for maximum foot support while offering control. The bike is also equipped with adjustable foot straps creating a good fit for your feet.


  • Adjustable seat
  • LCD computer display
  • Recumbent handlebars
  • Pedals with safety straps
  • Transport wheels


  • The computer is not backlit

Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

This bike has a weight capacity of 300lbs, meaning that it is very sturdy. It comes with an LCD console that can measure distance traveled, speed, and calories burnt. It also has pulse sensors that can measure the pulse rate.

EXERPEUTIC 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse

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The seat and back cushions are plentiful, providing comfort to the users. The seats are also adjustable and have a backrest for users of any size. It is also very stable. It does not move around when on it, and its frame made of steel makes you feel secure.

This bike is not noisy. This feature is outstanding to the rolex explorer 39mm Exerpeutic Recumbent. As you work out, you can comfortably watch television, have a conversation over the phone, or even read a newspaper. The quietness is pleasant since it will not bother other people in the house.

This bike is not complicated. It does what it has to do. It is suitable for people who want light work out, as the seniors.

The step-through design for stepping on and off is an essential feature to the elders. They will not need to get help when hopping on to exercise

This bike will take your riding to another level. Kill boredom by listening to your favorite music as this bike has Bluetooth. Doesn`t it sound interesting?


  • Has Bluetooth
  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless


  • Seats can be hard to adjust

Exerpeutic 300SR Heavy Duty

This one has a fantastic feature; it is foldable. This feature enables it to save on space, especially when storing. This space-saving element is a clear indication that you can also put this bike in an office.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

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This bike is lightweight. It weighs only 39 pounds, meaning that it is easy to carry around.

The seniors exercise bike has a sturdy steel frame that gives it its toughness and strength. It is sturdy since it takes a weight of 300lbs.

If you are way too tall or too short, do not worry about how you will enjoy riding. This bike has adjustable seats that will help you find the right length that suits your cycling needs.

It has an easy-to-read LCD that will monitor your calories, time, distance, and speed.


  • Portable
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy assembly


  • Not fit for all users

Parting Shots

What are the Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors

Due to increased cases of diseases like cardiovascular, hypertension, and joint disorders among the seniors, they should keep exercising.

They will live a healthier life and enjoy their old age.

Get an exercising bike that meets their specific needs and be sure that they are enjoying the exercise.